A Letter From the Orcas

“Dear Humans, Please use your considerable power to defend us against the few dumbasses in your military who think it’s a good idea to torture, maim and kill us in the name of obsolete war games. When we are all gone, all that is left for you is the water and the dumbasses with their ships and guns.

You can go here and listen to what we are talking about and watch a video of that charming, handsome, actor who played in one of those 007 movies. Thanks for taking action.” -Orcas of Earth

"Orca" oil 9x12" by Yabette Alfaro

“Orca” oil 9×12″ by Yabette Alfaro


One Whale Helping Another

Beluga oil 18x24" by Yabette

Beluga oil 18×24″ by Yabette

In my meditation  and prayer practice, I often send love and light to the creatures of Earth’s oceans. I saw the synchronicity for me to be contacted about this event. I was honored to be asked to donate Beluga towards the Save Lolita Fundraising Event in Chicago this May.

This is Lolita, who has been in Miami Seaquarium for 43 years.

This is Lolita, who has been in Miami Seaquarium for 43 years.

Lolita is a real whale at a water park in Florida who has been held captive for 40 years and has the best chance of being moved out of her inhumane residence back to the wild with her pod, where she belongs. Get the full story of Lolita here. If you have not seen the Blackfish movie, please do so to further educate yourself on this topic.

lolita orca networkWhen the online auction goes live in May, I will post the link. May all beings on this Earth be free of suffering. xxooYabette


Healing Waters Art Show

The deliciousness of having an art show for the culmination of two years of oil painting at a place that features my favorite sumptuous treat is hard to surpass. I am pleased that my work is presented at Sweet Inspiration for this month of April, 2014. Join me for the Artist Reception from 4-7 on Sunday, April 13 at 2239 Market St. in the Castro neighborhood of SF.

Healing Waters Promo

my favorite at Sweet Inspiration: Blueberry White Chocolate Tart- sweet and light!

Yabette favorite at Sweet Inspiration: Blueberry White Chocolate Tart- fresh and light!

seaslug inspirations

Spanish Dancer Nudibranch oil 20×16″

Whether you are on a journey of healing, or simply need to improve the feng shui of your space, consider buying an original signed piece. Each one comes with an Authenticity Record of the sale and blessings for your support. If you cannot make the reception, the art will be hanging and available for purchase through the month of April, 2014 or browse the online shop here.

xxoo Yabette

Raven flies to Akron Artwalk

The sadness of missing my Ohio tribe (I am NOT referring to baseball) is balanced by my joy of having my paintings on canvas represented in a fabulous show of talent by Ohio women. Earthtones: Aerie ballroom of the divine feminine for the Downtown AKron ARTwalk is happening this Saturday, April 5th in my glorious hometown of Akron, Ohio. It takes place at 57 E. Market St. with parking across the street at the Akron Art Museum parking garage.

Here’s one of the paintings to be included that epitomizes my love for Akron.

"Hometown Heartstrings" acrylic on canvas 20x16"

Hometown Heartstrings Acrylic 20×16″

I also sent new work, inspired by the raven who first showed me I must leave my roots in an informal shamanic journey Kundulini Yoga class I took in Columbus, Ohio back in 1998. Since then, the raven appears in my visions and in the material world often as a synchronicity sign to keep aspiring to change, reaching for further heights of accomplishment in striving for my own life’s highest potential.

Detail of "Raven of Lower World" acrylic 11x14"

Detail of Raven of Lower World Acrylic 11×14″

"Raven of Lower World" Actylic 11x14"

Raven of Lower World Acrylic 11×14″

I will also have this Butterflies work on oil in this show. They show up in my world also as a sign of synchronicity and affirmation of my life path.

White Butterflies detail 16x20"

Butterflies detail Oil 16×20″

White Butterflies Oil 16x20"

Butterflies Oil 16×20″

One of the best experiences I had in live painting last summer was with this tree captured at a joyful event on Lake Erie. I finished the details later and have this oil to represent the endless beauty of nature found in Ohio.

Lake Erie Tree Oil 16x20"

Lake Erie Tree Oil 16×20″

If you are near Akron next weekend, surely check out my work and many other talented photographers, painters, sculptors and musicians at this not-to-be-missed event curated by the amazing Eartha L. Goodwin. Infuse some divine feminine into your life and buy a piece for your home! xxooYabette

Stitch and Burn: Bag Workshop

Guiding a 9 year old to sew is completely soul satisfying for me.7 sew smile

The happy accomplishment, with a practical product at the end is enchanting. This was a 4 hour workshop. The idea was to keep him engaged (fun), have a finished workable product, use our heads to engineer the idea, and never spend a second fussing about perfection. Continue reading