A little goes a long way for the Holidays

white room octo
I love the holidays. I love the lights and artful displays everywhere. I love drama and high impact style! While this 5×4′ “Joie de Vivre” painting is available for $3k (inquire at swankety@gmail.com to purchase) I am offering smaller art at gift prices from my year end bargains.

Here are a few examples of small art that makes a large impact. Go to the shop to see more art from as low as $50! View the portfolio (look at all options in the drop down menu) for the rest of the paintings that are available and email for purchase.

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There Is No Virtue In Deprivation

TINVID coverIf you have followed SwanketySwank on Facebook, you may be aware that I have been working on a book of cafe illustrations from recent travels. In fact, you may be tired of hearing about my joy for all that I loved about everywhere that I went. ha! So I’ve got more of that just for you. In fact, I will not let up in my relentless excitement for life and all that is delicious.

What I found from personal experimentation is that it feels good to be in a perpetual state of feeling good! Living from a position of frequently looking for reasons to feel appreciation is the key to thriving!

Tweet: The truth is, everything works out for me in this joy vibration. http://ctt.ec/0QWb9+ The truth is, everything works out for me in this joy vibration.

So I am presenting exactly that in my light and sassy book of the beautiful cafes I enjoyed in the free flowing Amsterdam and the exquisite Paris. (There are other locations, but that’s another collection.)

Cropped from the "Bistro de Tour Eiffel" in Paris by Yabette Alfaro

Cropped from the “Bistro de Tour Eiffel” in Paris by Yabette Alfaro

I am excited to present it on Saturday, December 6th with a gallery of originals for sale at LaMovida Wine Bar in San Francisco. Join me for snacks and drinks from 3-5pm.

"The Coffee Company in Amsterdam" is sold, but 14 other originals will be available with gorgeous custom frames.

“The Coffee Company in Amsterdam” is sold, but 14 other originals will be available with gorgeous custom frames.

Work in Progress with pencils to ink!

Work in Progress with pencils to ink!

This will be a quality, 20 full color pages, hard back art book at roughly 11inches wide by 8 inches high. This will feature 12-15 watercolor and ink illustrations with a travel tale to go with them. Each one of the Limited Edition books will be personally signed and ready to charm your friends in your living room or to be wrapped under your Grandma’s Christmas Tree.

Be sure to get a signed copy of the first print, by pre-ordering it now here for $50. It will be available by December 12, 2014. Thank you and I hope to see you for the celebration in December!


Isn’t Life Luscious?

Having just returned from two months away from San Francisco, on an epic “Healing and Inspiration Journey” involving six states and two European countries, I applied myself straight away towards inspired projects. Here is the first of several in my energetic creation vortex!

luscious promoThis “Luscious” art show is a curated group of paintings celebrating the magic, the juice, and the mojo of the fantastical, the natural, and the abstract.

"The Luscious Bum" oil at La Movida Wine Bar for Yabette Alfaro's  "Luscious" art show

“The Luscious Bum” oil at La Movida Wine Bar for Yabette Alfaro’s “Luscious” art show

Join me at La Movida Wine Bar & Community Kitchen on Sunday, November 23, 2014 from 3 to 6pm  for the Artist Reception. I look forward to catching up with friends, meeting new people, and sampling the delicious local food and drink in the great cultural gem that is San Francisco’s Mission District on a Sunday afternoon.

Living life to its delicious fullest, love as always, xxoo Yabette

For the Love of a Successful Try

I love to try new ways of being creative, but somehow I have never associated this with cooking… until last week’s visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, when I made a batch of cookies with no recipe. (gasp) The best part about that is how perfect and delicious they were. So in honor of trying new things, (and because a few friends asked me) here’s the recipe using what was on hand. These are not super sweet- more along the lines of a nutty biscotti taste- add more sugar if you want them sweeter. xxoo Yabette

almond butter cookies

Almond butter cookies

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Santa Fe Spell

Aspen leaf webTraveling with intentions for healing and inspiration, my journey has begun in spiritual wonderland: Santa Fe, New Mexico. The flow has been completely sweet, with joyous friends and fun, joined by peaceful interludes of nature’s soul food.  Finding myself in a multi-million dollar house-sit, with every luxury a girl could want, has been icing on the luscious cake. I have been wishing for dogs in my life and there are FIVE of them here!

Because I need to continue my income streams, and because I just cannot stop being creative, I am painting. I started a new series of graphic colorful backgrounds in oils before I left town, to make sure they would be dry enough to travel with, and am now adding abstract florals to the patterns.

Yesterday, I began the first floral with a cannabis bud, because exquisite artful nature must be recognized and exalted despite the past political stigmas of government repression. I painted in a grove of Aspen trees. At one point I stopped and looked around as the wind blew their shimmering leaves, and the stream next to me gushed down the mountain side. My tears joined the flow in reverence to the overwhelming majesty.

Life is delicious.

table web

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A Bag

A bag zip sYesterday, I made a bag. I visualized it as the bag I will use as I am riding a bike around Amsterdam in October. I found a gorgeous remnant of this luxurious textured, sturdy upholstery with a modern, muted sea foam and chocolate pattern. I paired it with one of my favorite cotton vintage prints for the inside pocket and lining. Its creation added to my happiness this week. May your weekend be full of creative, well executed intentions! xxoo Yabette Continue reading

today’s adorable gig

My afternoon started with a cheerful, 3 block walk to a modern home on Page Street in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood of San Francisco. I completed a commissioned chalk drawing on a chalkboard painted wall in the kitchen for a home sale staging. She wanted a graphic white classic bouquet in a frame. I love my work.

chalk (1)

chalk (3) chalk (4)