Dragon appearance at Swankety Studio


During his first painting lesson, I asked him to first think about what he would like to paint. Without hesitation, he said “my DnD character”. (who happens to be a half dragon sorcerer)

We looked at komodo dragons for reference first. There was lots of pencil drawing and erasing of shapes to get the proportions right, and then the painting began.  Good times! xxoo Yabette



My Art is Valuable


My Art is Valuable

This is a photo of cash from recent art sales. I know my art is a good investment. I am paying bills as an artist in the face of the status quo which says that is not possible. I am posting this with two intentions: to inspire more investors and to inspire other artists who might experience a voice that says to give it up.

Don’t listen to the prison matrix brainwashing that pulls you away from your true self.

And to investors and collectors, you don’t have to take my word for it- here’s what others have said about my creative labors.

“I love your work. God lets me take a picture, but he lets you create one.” Chuck: Dania, FL

“You make wonderful, unique artwork. I love the colors and detail!” Cathie: Fallon, NV

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the painting today & it is even more beautiful than I had expected. Thank you so much. I am so grateful to have such a tremendous piece of art!  Take good care.” Shab: Phoenix, AZ

“I just got the paintings for the kids room and I am so glad my designer referred me to your work. We love them!” Susan: Hampton, NY

Buy your own piece online here or print products here. You can also schedule a time to visit my studio and see my work in person by calling 415 248 6632 or send an email to swankety@gmail.com.

xxoo Yabette

PS: If you need help “making it rain” I suggest Kate’s Money Love Webinars. So good.

Detail of commissioned work in progress

Detail of commissioned work in progress

Summer Sewing Sweetness

During one of my summer sewing workshops, these 2 middle school girls constructed their own maxi dresses from tank tops and favorite fabric. When finished, there was an immediate impromptu fashion photo shoot!

girls maxi dresses (1) girls maxi dresses cuteness girls maxi dresses (4)

May your summer be delightful with creations and friendship as well! xxoo Yabette

(If you or your kid want sewing lessons, inquire with email to swankety@gmail.com)

Ideas as Images

Another stretch, (besides stories of painted characters) from my last show Jubilieu was achieved with painting states of being as abstract art. Using texture, shape and color, I finished two large scale pieces. Happy Art Expressions to you this weekend! xxoo Yabette

Magick 30x40" oil

Magick 30×40″ oil by Yabette Alfaro

Magick 30x40" oil (detail) by Yabette Alfaro

Magick 30×40″ oil (detail) by Yabette Alfaro


Prosperity 30×40″ oil by Yabette Alfaro

Prosperity close

Prosperity 30×40″ oil (detail) by Yabette Alfaro

The Satori Stretch

y stretch

oh yeah, that’s me all happy with my headphones in the sun.

Yes! Victory is mine! At this very moment, I uploaded a completed image and story painted and written by yours truly. It was edited by writer, Storm Arcana, and read aloud by the talented judy-b!

There are many characters of Jubilieu with stories to finish, but the satisfaction of seeing the first one complete from imagination to entertainment reality is quite satisfying.

They will all be available to hear with a link to online recordings on Sunday for our Jubilieu Artist Reception Event this coming June 22 at Sweet Inspiration.

And even better, come to the reception and hear judy-b read them aloud!

Until then, you can get a preview here.

"Satori" detail 12" square oil

“Satori” detail 12″ square oil

May the artistic exploratory stretching continue! xxoo Yabette

yesterday in the Castro…

My strange bird brought all the strange birds and we had a hoot! I loved meeting so many new people and talking to the “regulars” there, whom I am starting to recognize every Sunday.

Painting live on the Sweet Inspiration sidewalk in SF.

Painting live on the Sweet Inspiration sidewalk in SF.

I will be there again next Sunday leading up to the June 22nd Artist Reception Event from 4-7pm with a reading by creative lit artist, judy-b.  I love SF. -XXOO Yabette

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