Happy Hemp Day

Smooth Sailing Ahead
Smooth Sailing Ahead

I’ve been talking about a new clothing line for over 6 months, but I am finally on the home stretch of my 20 pages of business plan. I can see the finish line for that and the beginnings of a new Swankety Swank venture! I am excited for the future as any version of this plan will be outstanding. (There are tiers of output depending on the funding.)

I’ve been dreaming and sketching. The first collection will be inspired by The White Place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is earthy and magical, with white light rock castles and topaz skies.

santa fe 2nd week 135

I can already feel the yards of luxurious hemp silk in my hands for creating! Continue reading

fashion and art for kids on friday

So here’s a bit of interesting synchronicity….

FacePaint by Yabette (15)

I ran across this Benefit Event for Creative Arts Charter- which happens to be where one of my son’s best friends attends school and it’s hosted by a fantastic eco minded brand retail shop! I’ll be there this Friday for facepainting! Continue reading

Last Night I Had a Fashion Dream

My conscious mind has been busy with garment production plans lately. So this dream was no surprise. In it, I was getting my outfit and makeup on for a fashion shoot. The outfit looked like this and was all about that purple hat.

Fahion Dream
“Fashion Dream” watercolor/Ink

While this doesn’t readily translate into something I should mass produce, it made for a fun painting. Continue reading

My San Francisco Big Life

“Just because I’m not a size 12, doesn’t mean I have any less of a life to live. I’m a big girl…& I have a big life to live.” -Tess Munster

Sophia reigns as the most viewed Swankety Swank photo on flikr in the last 7 years
Sophia reigns as the most viewed Swankety Swank photo on flickr in the last 7 years

It is said that we become new every 7 years. Continue reading


Get a piece of pie!! "Angel Falls" watercolor  by Yabette
Get a piece of pie! “Angel Falls” watercolor by Yabette


We are living in a new paradigm of awareness for creating what we want.

We want paid. We eat!! Exposure will not feed us. This change has to come from us.

That ugly phrase, you know the one, has been an accepted part of our consciousness too long. We will never speak of that ridiculous, sad, outmoded stereotype fairy tale to each other, in reference to ourselves, and most definitely NOT ever to our children. When it is mentioned, we will gently and happily state with a smile, “Actually, I am an eating artist”.

From now on, we claim our value as an #EatingArtist

Join me in my campaign to rise up together to raise awareness that ARTISTS EAT!

Post your beautiful creative self, post your art, post your kid making art, post your new book, post your performance video, post your created dinner and hashtag it #EatingArtist

Join me as we decorate the Internet on all of our social media with #EatingArtist love!

Here is my first:

EAWishing you all much love and success! xxoo Yabette

Effervescent Epistle

"Orlin the Spater" oil by Yabette Alfaro
“Orin the Spater” oil by Yabette Alfaro

When a friend sent me an art card last week, it really made my day. One of the best methods for chasing away the winter blues is to write a note and send a card. It feels good for the sender and the receiver!

I am thrilled to present art cards available here in a variety pack of five. Continue reading