Get What You Want Workshop

cropped-EC-web-logoI remember the day I did a live fashion show several years ago for 12 plus size models at San Francisco’s cutting edge entertainment venue, The SupperClub- which had never had such a show and from what I was told, was apparently remembered for years to come. I opened a fortune cookie that came with lunch delivery that afternoon while I was busily attending to the last minute details and read this:

“Today you will accomplish more than most do in a lifetime.”

I knew this was true, but had not thought of it from that perspective as I rarely waste time in comparison with others. Knowing what I know now, this situation was no surprise.  My optimistic pursuit of expansive creative life experiences had attracted exactly that scenario.

So now, I am consciously harnessing this quantum physics way of looking at our universe and getting exponential results.  I’m excited to share some of the basics about the law of attraction and exercises to implement them in my participation in Christine Donley Allababedi’s Get What You Want Workshop.

I do not claim to ever control circumstances, but I am learning and happy to teach others how to control my vibration- which attracts my desires to me. Ultimately, this is the secret to happiness and empowerment.

Wanna learn more? Check out the details here and meet me and Christine and other leading edge creators in San Francisco on October 24th.

xxoo Yabette Swank


More Hemp Now!

Bon Jour Hemp Collection

Recently, we announced the release of the first piece from Swankety Swank Global Citizens Fashion, The Hemp Collection.  The 2-Way Top is a classic Yabette Swank fashion piece:  fashion-forward, versatile, unique, and well-made from earth friendly material that is also beautiful to wear.

Swankety Swank Two-Way Top Hemp Cotton Blend 5

We are grateful for all of the support The Hemp Collection has received from the Swankety Swank community. As a thank you, we are extending a special offer: Continue reading

First Look At The Hemp Collection

Swankety Swank Two-Way Top Hemp Cotton Blend 3

Are you ready for Swankety Swank’s Global Fashion Citizens Hemp Collection? We are so excited to be sharing a sneak peak of our first release, the 2-Way Top. The 2-Way top is modeled by the gorgeous and talented Bay Area artist Emily Lounsbury.

Swankety Swank Two-Way Top Hemp Cotton Blend
The cotton in our hemp cotton blend is organic. Hemp is always an organic product as one of its magical properties is that it doesn’t need pesticides to help it grow.

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The Sexy #InstaGlamTop..Perfect for late Summer

With temperatures in the 90’s, hot summer has officially arrived in San Francisco. Dressing for hot weather requires ease, coolness, and comfort. With Swankety Swank’s InstaGlamTop, you can add sexy to that list.  These easy, breezy tops are a true joy to wear.  Grab an InstaGlamTop to add some glamour and drama to your wardrobe while staying cool.


Each InstaGlamTop is unique and handmade.  The top above in an organic cotton, pale gray and white stripe is paired with a vintage fabric box pleat skirt hand made by Yabette.   Continue reading

My Life Will Forevermore Be Different After Today

Sometimes I like to pull a tarot card in the middle of my day to see what the universe reflects back to me. This tells me where I am in a general sense.

Today was The Tower card. It’s often shown as a scary card with people falling out of the top amidst destruction, but that depiction is much too grim, in my opinion. I like this one by Valentina Plishchina. The integrated face is seeing the way through the rebuilding of the new, while the old crumbles. Clarity within that transition is helpful. Continue reading

The Fashion Priorities of Global Citizens

If you want to really understand how Fast Fashion works in regards to the impact on human beings, society, and the environment, check out The True Cost, currently streaming on Netflix. The True Cost works backwards to show us how the clothes we wear are created. The film treks through the growing of raw materials, sweatshop production and labor, and why we indulge in fast fashion despite knowing its dark side.  The film does a wonderful job of bringing the human element into the narrative through interviews with workers  and leaders of the industry.

One of the main arguments for the continuation of fast fashion is that factory workers “could do a lot worse” with their job choices. Today, that’s just not good enough. We have embraced a consciousness of oneness with all living things. We advocate and act for our rights and for the rights of others. We know that with the higher consciousness, intellectual development and abundance existing in the world today, there are ways to produce goods without exploitation. A brand can be structured to uplevel people and communities; exploiting is no longer  an option.

Upleveling To The Possible

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IGTop in the shop

instaglamtop logo

I am please to say that most of the first batch of InstaGlamTops were sold the first week. The rest are available, including a few, special one-of-a-kind editions in the shop now. Grab one before it’s gone forever. Vintage Chiffon cannot be replicated!

I am excited to have found a perfect alchemy of comfort, style, and fit-for-most design. I am in the process of working out more designs for my upcoming hemp collection. If you missed the InstaGlamTop Look Book, you can view that here.

May we all find InstaSuccess in our endeavors this week! xxoo Yabette

black IGT EDIT
Design: Yabette, Model: Julie, Photography: Christine Donley Allababedi