Yabette Alfaro, artist bio

I am a dreamer -pragmatic enough to savor some, then let them flit by as they came- and driven enough to grab hold of the rest and live them. I recognize that vision is a talent and skill to foster with love and attention. My life’s journey of learning the arts, with music in childhood through college led me to trust myself while writing my electronic music and performing within the United States and Canada for a decade of counter-culture idealistic exploration.

Being a non-conformist from the Midwest, I’ve learned to dismiss the nay-sayers and be my authentic self. In pursuing my own ideals of what being “Green” is, I fell into this complete revolutionary way of living. By re-purposing objects and transforming my own surroundings, I found my hidden potentials within the arts. The “hidden potential” factor is exactly what drives me. What surprising gem lies in this unwanted object? In the meantime, there’s the added bonus that each of my pieces is another political statement against conformity and waste.

My work with my shop, Swankety Swank, is a social experiment for me. Is it possible for a business to survive in today’s world that really has only hand made goods and independently produced items? So far it is because we are located in a very politically conscious neighborhood. Of course, my intention is to apply “Capitalist” business practices to this and see if it can profit and grow, becoming a “Socialist” source of work sustenance for many people.

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