Introducing: ICJ’s JET SET

The first 3 posts here were taken from my old website- general stuff about me, our store philosophy and how we started. I want to now focus on our extended family- the artists that contribute their energy and products to make this store the special place it is.

Today’s SPOTLIGHT is on Amy Barrios, (pictured) creator of Independent Claws Jewelry (ICJ). She has been with us since our opening, coming by every month to personally clean each and every one of her pieces as our shop is in a wind tunnel of dust!

Not only are her designs completely clever, they are of significant quality and uniquely beautiful. We are proud to carry her new line- a traveler’s dream: The Jet Set Jewelry Roll of many interchangeable looks in one convenient packable bag.

These microsuede jewelry rolls come with all of ICJ’s multi-functional pieces tucked right in! Featuring strands that work as bracelets or necklaces, detachable pendants and clasps, two pairs of earrings and extender chains, these handy sets are perfect for travel because the pieces make so many different looks while leaving room for other pieces you wish to take along!

We carry her 4 elements series- Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. These are fantastic gifts with many options and pricepoints from $40 retail and up. Quantities are limited so don’t wait until the last minute- come over to Swankety Swank today.


PS: Visit ICJ website

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