Wearable Art

If you’ve browsed through Swankety Swank lately, you may have noticed we have greatly expanded our wearable art. Featured below is one of our newest artists, Gibbous Designs: To witness the texture of one of Selene’s pieces is a tactile journey that is part museum, part circus, and all party! We also have fantastic couture wear by local designer, Calliebug, and New York artist of deconstructed, stencilled clothing, Barbara Ansell. Browse our great fingerless glove selection by Kathryn Bernard, (our new intern- welcome Kathryn!)-who can hardly keep her knitted styles in stock, as well as the sweet victorian button style that Megan Arouzo crochets. Gibbous and Calliebug also have unique fingerless glove designs. I recently decided to give a few new designs a try, like my own lovely lace version of the fingerless gloves, (see photo) and draw string skirts that fit size 6 to 24. Come by and browse for a one-of-a-kind outfit at prices ranging from $16 to $850.

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