Swankety Swank Fashion Show

I am thrilled to be working in collaboration with video artist III, and photographer, Bleu Loo, to present my latest stretch as an artist- designing clothes for women up to size 24. Come to the deluxe Supper Club to see live performances and Fashion Show with Swankety Swank designs by myself, Yabette Alfaro. I’ve been very inspired by the designers I carry in our shop, but they usually lean towards smaller sizes. So I started making my own version of recycled/deconstructed clothes in all sizes with a nod towards the Steampunk realm of old fashioned meets post modern. I like to say it’s “Holly Hobbie goes to the Haight”. Follow the Flickr link (at right) to see a full show of Bleu’s photography work with all the lovely ladies showcasing my vision.

SUPPER VISION 2 a fusion of film and performance
Supper Club: 657 Harrison St. @3rd
Doors open at 8pm with the “Comfort and Joy” Pajama Club hosted by STORM
Main Show starts at 11pm
$9 in PJ’s or costume (or opt for “instant makeover”)
$15 street clothes

Live Performances:
Raya Light
Ginger Snap
Ambrosia Salad
Holy McGrail
Bad Unkl Sista
Johnny Sex Bang
Fashion Show:
Swankety Swank
Alchemistry SF
Pee Play
Lord Kook
Dr. Weazel

Special Thanks to all my wonderful models:
Nikki (pictured top left)
Adina (gorgeous legs top R)
Lady Monster
Suki Divine
Sophia (pictured on R)

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