Yabette’s Furniture Art Commissions

I get lots of furniture commission questions, so it makes sense to provide the basic information here.
What I do:
-Find and acquire a specific piece, refinish and hand paint it with your colors and design or come up with my own. I work best when my clients give me photos of their room or ideas.
-I can also do this with a piece that you find and acquire or already had.
-I require a $50 deposit with our signed order. The balance is due when the order is complete.
-I send you digital photos to approve on the “before” of the piece and generally have the piece finished within 3 days of your approval.
-I do not hold pieces longer than a week without a storage fee. (We live and work in our small space and need for the “storage” time to be over quickly.)
-The overall turnaround time is usually within a month or less. There have been cases for very specific rarer pieces that have taken longer.
-I am usually looking for a piece that is really beat down and worn and NEEDS refinished and madeover and is under $50. (I am not looking to “makeover” a pristine antique). This keeps the prices affordable for the clients. Our business continues because of wonderful donations as well.

What I DON’T do:
-Restore a piece to its original look and condition. There are great Restoration shops in San Francisco who do this work.
-Carpenter work.
-Stencils. (I am often asked if something is a stencil, but I would rather hand paint freely. I find stencils to be tedious work!)
-Upholstery. (I have done simple chair commissions, and collaborations with a professional upholsterer.)

Photo Set 1 (Above): Here’s a photo example of Beth, a happy client in her newly finished commissioned chair. I provided the chair and consulted with her on the fabric (from my vintage collection) and color scheme and worked together with Cleopatra Upholstery (conveniently located next door to us) to have a new, modern designer chair at a very affordable price.

Photo Set 2:
Here’s an example of a Before and After Table Makeover- recent commission. We acquired the table, tightened the legs, filled in the screw holes and cracks with putty, refinished the top and added hand painting to match the original worn finish on the legs.

Thanks for viewing and asking questions and making life interesting with your commissions!! (Follow the flickr links on the right to find more commission work example photos under “Yabette’s Art Furniture Commissions” Set.)

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