Assemblage Art Show

Swankety Swank presents,
It’s a Puzzle Why We Poison Ourselves
ARTIST RECEPTION Saturday, October 4, 2008 7pm

Join us in supporting artists who show their sublime, detailed, thought-provoking works through several forms of assemblage art, including video, sculpture, installation and more.

Zero-also known as “Zero the Clown,” this creative lady, puppeteer, entertainer, painter and collector has worked as a muralist in Japan and lived in San Francisco’s Western Addition neighborhood for many years. She has explored Assemblage art with old boxes such as her above pictured work, inspiring our show’s title: “It’s a Puzzle Why We Poison Ourselves“.

Mark Hawkins
-the creator of The Secret Life of Dolls has a tasty twisted sense of fun with his amazingly detailed installation in our side window. The dolls are having an outdoor food fight gone awry- Check it out to see if you can guess which group is against the other!

Travaux En Cours
-This spooky consort of sculpture and photography brought the bones and scissors to the dolls and flowers with faded fairy tales of beauty and design- see photo, Fleur De Poison.

Stephanie Mufson
-a powerful creator of whimsical fantasy and gorgeous execution with oil works has shared a new collection of assemblage with her ink sketches combined with pieces from a magical found scrapbook on an unfortunate happenstance last fall. See photo, Everything You Need.

A regular performance and Visual Artist at The Supper Club, look for his video assemblage of journeys and fantasies of blended motion and photography in one of his sexy, surprising video mixing shows.

If you miss the Artist Reception, make a point of stopping by and viewing their works through November.

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