Hope Restored

Scott Siedman’s
The Man from Illinois
email for prints: scottzart@earthlink.net

I consider myself a rather stoic individual in times of high drama, able to become slightly detatched in a calm, cool way. But give me news of ultimate divine goodness and I weep uncontrollably. Needless to say, I am dedicating today as my day to float in my own river of joyous tears as I feel the grim pallor of fear lifting from my city this week. I didn’t even realize how much it had affected me until I noticed I had been contemplating running away from my own beliefs in community. I felt desperate and unsupported in my endeavors- but that simply was not true- as the universe has responded in amazing ways, even in my own personal realms of the last two days.

I found the above art and an awesome essay in this vein by NalaWalla from Rob Brezny’s weekly emails.
She says, “Community arts practices are quite indispensable if we want to fulfill the main permaculture tenet “CARE FOR PEOPLE”.”
“Reclaiming the Body as Home” by NalaWalla
“The arts must be restored to their central role in community life if we are to achieve the goal of sustainable living… If we truly seek to form an abundant and thriving New Society, we must recognize that the practice of art is by no means optional. Now, more than ever, we need arts practice to help us relearn the social skills necessary for our survival.”

This has been my thinking all along with Swankety Swank. When I examined my home state of Ohio every time I visited family, it depressed me to see how much Chain Store Capitalism Predators like Walmart have killed the United States. We as Americans have completely supported this sad situation, but rather than point fingers, I looked inward. What could I personally do to change that- besides my obvious choice to never set foot in this store again? Building my own place to support local artists of conscious consumer commodities was my answer.

My hope has been restored that our generation will help the next rather than hinder it. This week’s healing power will reverberate for centuries to come.

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