As you may or may not know, I was an electronic musician long before I started painting dressers. Recently I dug out my dusty equipment so I can perform at The Supper Club this Saturday, along with many other fanstastic artists, such as Storm and III.

I’ll be performing the Wahe Guru Chant live. This means that first I write and program on a sequencer and then mix my music live. I am NOT a DJ. Oh, and the vocals are me too. You can have a listen to my studio recorded version of this chant. I encourage you to sing along as it is a fantastic way to focus on what you currently need in your life. Wahe Guru literally means “Supreme Being Teacher” and by chanting this, will bring good things to your life and enlighten your present day. I admit to only using this in extreme circumstances, but it is certainly a prayer that has brought miracles to my life.
May this new year bring peace and prosperity to all!

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