Goodbye McBaker Corner…

Two years ago, on February 1st, Alex, Ian and myself moved into 1808 Mcallister St. The same sweet miniture plum trees, though several feet shorter, bloomed as we built the window stage and worked on the interiors with my parents for our new little shop. I’ve noticed a few sentimental moments of nostalgia creep into my last month here as I continue on with the social experiment that has grown in wild ways I had not anticipated.

I will miss you neighbors, with your BBQ’s (shout outs to Marilyn) and kids and dogs and funny inquiries and stories and political passions. I am hoping the McBaker folks will not find 289 Divisadero too far to come by and say “Hi”.

I look to the future, the sky, the beautiful Earth and I see hope. We approach our next amazing step in this adventure with love, wonder, gratitude and excitement.

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