We have NEW DIGS!!

Yep, I wanna wail “Aaaaaaat Laaaaast” really loud and slow, but since I’m not Etta James, I won’t.
Here’s a photo taken by my 5 year old son of me showing artist, Bleu Loo, around our new space while interior paint & construction were happening.

Next we have Martha inspecting the merchandise as Kathryn unpacks it.

Here’s our new dressing room built from old doors by artist and carpenter, Ira, while it was hand painted later by artist, Stephanie Mufson.

Thanks to Mark, Judith, Ara, Gonzalo, Denny, Alex, Laura, Ken and all of the above mentioned for helping to make this place come together.

We are celebrating our new space this SATURDAY! Join us for refreshments, comaraderie and live art!

Wear your fun get-up and party with us at 7pm.

a sigh and a *wow*

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