Orchids Available at Swankety Swank

Laura Parsons is a talented Orchid designer and is lending her skills to beautifying our shop and your home! She is starting her Junior year at Berkeley this Fall for landscape architecture after studying floral design, including Ikebana at City College of San Francisco. She arranges orchids in assorted vintage containers with organic materials for a fun and funky flair on floral designs. Purchase them in several styles and arrangements ranging from $45 to $200. -Yabette
This window also features (on left dressform) necklace by Pallas, Sparkle dress by Size Queen with corset by Darina Drapkin and Velvet Jacket by Rusty Cuts (we carry sizes up to 3x). Pillow by Yabette, Metal Patchwork table by Orbus of 22nd Century Designs, pencil art by Jack Cleveland, earrings by Beads of Beauty, and (on right dressform) necklace by Van & Ello, Axe Girl T by Juror2 designs, corset by Darina Drapkin, and skirt by Gibbous.

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