Miss Velvet Cream & E-star Trunk Sale Art Show

As part of the Divisidero Art Walk, Swankety Swank is delighted to present an unique opportunity to meet two talented sisters, Miss Velvet Cream designer, Scatha G. Allison and Esther Allison-Kearns of E-star in a collaboration of Art and Fashion.

Join us on Thursday, June 4, 2009: 7 to 10pm

*photo by WARREN DIFRANCO HSU features Miss Velvet Cream designs with hat by E-star.

Miss Velvet Cream designer and crafter, Scatha G. Allison has established herself as a San Francisco designer creating one-of-a-kind custom items, and specializing in couture techniques and salvage reconstruction. Scatha is the author of “Jean Therapy“, the original guide to denim reconstruction. She has over 1000 one-of-a-kind pieces completed by hand since 2003, as well as a long resume of shows and events in SF.

HATS, HATS and more HATS: that’s what E-star is all about right now. Although she has been known to dabble in clothing, interior design, and even footwear, E-star is winning the world over: one bare head at a time. Whether you are looking for a dazzling cocktail hat, a tiny top hat, or just something cute and cozy to hide that bad hair day, E-star has you covered.

Artists with work inspired by fashion:
Ara James
Anne Dal Pozzo
Bleu LooRed Dressed Willow photo shown
Scatha G. Allison

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