If You Can Help Where Needed…

This is Christie, an amazing healer, giver and Swankety Swank supporter.
Her friend, Marcy is asking San Francisco Communities for help; here’s her letter
This past week her sister Breanne died unexpectedly, leaving her two-year old daughter Mackenzie, who Christie may adopt. Christie is in Florida with her family trying to sort things out, and doing well emotionally and spiritually, considering how incredibly difficult the situation is.
There are multiple areas where she could really use assistance from friends, but she’s the kind of person who would generally try to work it all out herself rather than ask for help. So I’m asking instead. 🙂
Here are specific things that would be a huge help to her:
* money for food, gas & next month’s rent, and to pay for expenses related to death, guardianship & adoption (paypal to marcydeluce@gmail.com)
* hosting for her website (gayatrihealing.com)
* hosting for her mailing list (this + website gets her business up and going again)
* attorney recomendation to establish guardianship for Mackenzie
* clients to come see her for massage (415-216-8491 or gayatri@tmail.com)
* clients to see her intern on Thursdays in SF who offers $40 massages (415-216-8491 or gayatri@tmail.com)
* hard drive recovery in SF
* a massage for Christie
* babysitting help in SF
If you feel moved to contribute financially, I will pass it on to her directly and immediately, and it will be appreciated immensely. I’ll let her know who contributed, unless you ask to be anonymous. If you feel moved to help with any of the other things, please write me for details (marcyswenson@gmail.com). I am off work and here with her family for the next few days, helping out. Next week is our product launch at MaestroConference, so I’ll be much less available by then, but still checking email lots.
With appreciation,
Marcy Swenson

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