Dapper in DAS

The fantastic team of Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe (seen left) are Swankety Swank Co-Op artists with a witty, well made, and gorgeous approach to fashion. Fully lined coats for gentlemen and ladies, top hats, apron dresses, tapestry bags, vests, (on STORM at right) and more bring steam style to San Francisco. DAS began with Deborah in 1998, while Oliver joined in several years ago. They are currently working as costumers for A Burning Opera shown in San Francisco at Teatro Zinzanni with tickets available for shows thru October 15, 2009.
Photo at Left: DAS lined wool overcoat, blue velvet vest and black velvet feathered top hat with shirt by Donna Lee and Steampunk pendant by Risto.
Deborah (right) is delightful at a Swankety Swank art opening and made the orange silk top paired with Yabette skirt on dressform (at left).

You can add refinement to your wardrobe with a choice piece handmade by DAS at Swankety Swank or contact us for their custom work.

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