We have Corsets in all sizes!

Corsets improve posture. They can trim your center about 4 inches, giving you an amazing hourglass figure, no matter your size. They are also a stunning addition to your wardrobe in satins, lace, velvet, tweed and more. Rock them with jeans or the whole Edwardian Ball/Steampunk Sha-bang!
Some of our Co-Op artists modeled a few versions of what we carry. Judith, (at left) wears a waist cincher corset hand made by Darina Drapkin with a Gibbous shirt and skirt by Yabette. 
Next we have Laura and Kathryn in full corset and waist cincher respectively, both by Colin. Laura rocks hers with E-Star hat and her own Laura’s Little Luxuries choker. Kathryn dons Beads of Beauty jewelry to add to her elegance. Lunacy by Lux in background.

 Below, our Co-Op artist and photographer of this Corset shoot, Bleu Loo, looks curvalicious in her own rebel style. She’s wearing visor by E-Star, necklace and chain mail bracelet by Sierra, Egyptian Butterfly by Pollyanna Cowgirl and waist cincher corset by Darina Drapkin. Rose’s Garden in background by Stephanie Mufson.
At right, this full corset by Colin is matched with vintage fabric skirt by Yabette. Our corsets are classic and will be intact in your cedar chest for future generations to enjoy. They are priced affordably at True Cost to our designers ranging on average between $350 to $550, with customized, higher end fabrics and details going for more. See more of our photo shoot here. Stop in today and let us lace you up! -Yabette

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