Aranonymous SFCA

I am thrilled to spotlight an enormously talented lady who is a hard working Swankety Swank Co-Op artist. Her name is Ara James (wearing her own necklace design in photo above).  Her clothing designs are original and well made. Her jewelry combines elements of nature with strong lines and statement style. She paints graphic, modern figures with words in collage that are strikingly eye pleasing.

Her magnets are also brooches and showcase her tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

Here she is working in the shop with artist, Stephanie, who modeled for the afternoon.
 Her reversable Tote bag is available to buy online now!
Did I mention she can also sing? Hear her perform at Swankety Swank this Saturday at our R.I.P. The Veil Art Opening, accompanied on hand drums by her husband Gael Gaubert.
She’ll also be here teaching fun fall craft classes on Sunday afternoons.
Come in today and check out all the Aranonymous SFCA designs.  -Yabette

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