Delightful DAS Designs for Dames

I am very excited about this Friday’s Trunk Sale. I have focused alot on the fantastic DAS menswear lately, so I wanted to be sure to show several choice pieces for ladies. A special thank you to CO-OP artist, Eartha Goodwin for putting in the time this past weekend, to not only model, but also photograph and edit these amazing shots. The first above showcases the silk patchwork scarf with the lovely textured apron dress over Eartha’s blue shirt.

Here is another Russian inspired constructionist apron dress shown in soft microsuede and embroidered taffeta. These are adjustable for sizes 4 to 14!

Next is a gorgeous evening bag of brown brocade & beaded strap. Backpack detail shown here.
Come over this Friday, December 18th to meet designer Deborah and her Co-hort Oliver at Swankety Swank from six to nine.
See more DAS Design photos here.
Shop now here!
See you this Friday! -Yabette

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