Lovely Leatherwork by Project Transaction

Dear Reader, allow me to introduce you to Project TransAction whose handmade wearable art is available here at Swankety Swank!  Created by Javcob Vaughn Gushue, Project TransAction features lovingly handmade leather cuffs and wallets of many designs and sizes! 

The Periodic Table on a cuff?  That’s scientific genius!
Jake calls this design “The Whale Tail.”
This cuff’s ornate gold design positively glows!
Many of Jake’s designs are quite studly!
Let this skeletal muscle man guard your moola in this spiffy wallet!
There’s room for coins too!
So now that you’ve seen some of the wonderful designs of the handcrafted work of Project TransAction, be sure to come on down to Swankety Swank and check them out in person!  Project TransAction is just one of the many artists (over 70!) whose work we have on display!  Great gifts for loved ones or just for you!
Hope to see you soon!

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