Furniture by Yabette: A Mini Retrospective

Greetings Swankety Swanksters! This is STORM, your friendly neighborhood store manager! Swankety Swank was born from the art furniture created by Yabette, so I thought it would be fun to celebrate some of my personal favorites! Let’s take a look, shall we? I encourage you to click on the pictures to enjoy them in a larger format.
octopus dresser front
This is one of my favorite pieces by Yabette. Who else would think about painting a tentacled denizen of the deep on a piece of furniture? Only an artist who thinks outside of the box and that is exactly how I think about Yabette. She’s dedicated to merging art form and function and she does it in inimitable style. At Swankety Swank we celebrate everything that is one of a kind and that appreciation comes straight from the heart of Yabette. Unique? We got that.
Brown colorwash tree dresser
Yabette has adopted the image of a tree as her personal symbol and for good reason. From the beginning, Swankety Swank has always been about “Honoring Beauty, Earth and Age.” What better way to communicate that philosophy but through the starkness of a lone tree writhing up to the sky? This piece of furniture reminds us of its origins while simultaneously reminding us of our connection to the earth. Natural form meets furniture function.
Sea horse dresser front
A simple dresser is adorned by a sea horse and is immediately transformed into treasure.
black dead table detail
A skull and rose immediately brings to mind the Day of the Dead, but it also invokes the cycles of life, death and rebirth. There is beauty in decay. There is laughter in sorrow.
Orange n Wht Table
Sometimes a piece of furniture just needs a bright color and some kinetic swirls to make it come alive! The balance of the three vines matches the legs of the table and gives this piece a cohesive personality.
white dragon close
This draconic image simply pops! Is it the level of detail (Yabette says it took her a week to paint this) or the monochromatic palette that give it its power? I’d say both, naturally.
sage table detail
With this painting we celebrate elegance and simplicity in the form of a flower with dainty vines. After all, not everyone can live with a dragon.
peacock dresser detail
This piece pares the image of a peacock down to its elemental lines. This is Art Nouveau and Essentialism in one expression.
Raspberry Dresser
Sometimes all you need is two colors for a piece to glow. This raspberry dresser is adorned with the growth of a bold flower. More akin to a design than a painting, but somehow both. Symbiosis.
White Turtle Dresser detail
We began with aquatic beauty and we end our short retrospective with another aspect of the same. This sea turtle is completely at home on this dresser, which is now in a marine biologist’s home!

There are many more photos of Yabette’s Art Furniture to enjoy at our Flickr account! If you are looking for unique furniture for your home, Swankety Swank is the place for you! Or if you are looking for a specific kind of furniture piece, Yabette will search for it for you! Also, if you already have a piece that you’d like refurbished with or without an artistic design in mind, let Yabette know! Much like a tattoo artist, she can take your artistic design and create it for you!

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