Ode to The Neverwas Haul Buffet

Here is a recently completed piece that is my homage to remarkable, zany ideas! The Neverwas Haul is billed by its creators with “Neverwas a Good Idea” -but they built it anyways!

From their website, The Neverwas Times:

Neverwas Haul, a self-propelled 3-story Victorian House, made from 75% recycled equipment and materials, returns with new interiors, operating system, and collections from its travels around the world (i.e., oddities of the Jules Verne era including a Camera Obscura). The Haul measures 24 feet long by 24 feet high and 12 feet wide and is built on the base of a 5 th wheel travel trailer.

I have seen this in person (at the Maker Faire) and would love for it to be my personal mini castle on wheels. But since I cannot own it, I had to paint it on this wonderful old, well made wood buffet recently refinished in turquoise with a variety of old handles and knobs in the spirit of the Haul herself.
She was painted from a parade photo on the website, see detail photo here by Eartha Goodwin.  This is available at Swankety Swank. -Yabette

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