The Story Of Two Lucky Girls

There are two young sisters who live in the Western Addition of San Francisco. They have a Mom and Dad who love them very much.  Over the past two years they have been building a wonderful environment in their shared room by honoring beauty, Earth and age from Swankety Swank. Several years ago, they started by acquiring this vintage desk turned art by yours truly:
black desk with Pink Zebra Chair
Shortly after, they came back for a much needed, all wood, brightly colored shelf:
White flower shelf side
Recently, they decided to add to their collection with a commission that would go with both previous pieces in the girls’ bedroom. It was quite fun for me to use their size and shape parameters and find them a wonderful well made, wood piece that could be modernized and artfully blend with their existing furniture. Here are the results!
Classic becomes Modern
This can be your story as well. Come to Swankety Swank and we’ll work with you to find a way to have art in your life with your budget.

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