Swankety Swank Spotlight: Alex Alfaro

Many loving and talented hands are involved in the day to day existence of Swankety Swank and some of them work behind the scenes to make this haven for artists possible.  One of those amazing folks is co-proprietor Alex Alfaro!


Alex has been a supporting force for Swankety Swank since Yabette began making her art furniture in 2003.  He hauled dressers, tables, desks and more to their third floor apartment so Yabette could paint them with her unique visions.

Alex working

Alex is still the primary muscle for Swankety Swank today.   Alex and Yabette are always on the hunt for furniture to upcycle and when it is time to pick up or deliver a new piece, Alex gets the job done.  Being hard of hearing, Alex employs the help of his deaf friends Gonzalo and Odilan.   Alex works full time at Toolworks, an agency dedicated to “providing services that increase economic and social opportunities for people with disabilities.”  He’s a regular renaissance man, managing to find time for Toolworks, Swankety Swank and his wife Yabette and their six year old son Ian.  In the image above, Alex applies new coats of paint to a vanity.  While Yabette plans the overall design for the art furniture, Alex is in charge of preparing each piece for its makeover.  He sands, primes, paints and replaces drawer handles and knobs.  Their teamwork has produced over 300 pieces since 2005.

Favorite Art

Gifted with a unique sense of humor, Alex brightens up Swankety Swank with his laugh and a penchant for practical jokes (which mostly involves surprising people out of their wits).  In the above photo, Alex and Ian impersonate their favorite piece of art (Desiree by T.W. Chui).

Alex wears Medium Reality shirt

Alex models a shirt from the Medium Reality men’s clothing line, available at Swankety Swank.

Hunky Husband Alex

Alex in shirt and tie by Medium Reality.

Medium Reality Jacket

Alex on Divisadero St. wearing a jacket by Medium Reality.

Please join us in celebrating Alex Alfaro, community leader, event security, men’s line model, furniture craftsman, and artists advocate!

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