Spring Into Swankness!

All of us at Swankety Swank simply adore spring time!  We love the sights and sounds of the city coming to life, we love to clean out the dusty corners of our closets and under our beds, and we love to present the best handcrafted goods that we can!  We do our best to present a different experience every time you step inside 289 Divisadero St.  When was the last time you visited Swankety Swank?

Swankety Swank view from front door

Here’s a glimpse of what Swankety Swank is showcasing today!  In front, Yabette’s fabulous sideboard dresser is adorned with painted tree blossoms and natural orchids (center) by Laura Parson.  Beyond that is more amazing one of a kind chairs, tables and dressers beautifully handpainted with love (and sealed with a top coat)!

Swankety Swank mannequin & artwork The glamourous glittery painting is by Kurtis Rykovich (who has three awesome pieces in our store right now), the handcarved fish are made by J.B. Ward,  and the Ode to the Neverwas Haul buffet is by Yabette.  The mannequin stands at permanent attention in a hat & bolero by DAS+OWL, bustier by gibbous, skirt by Wysterium, and leggings by Miranda Caroligne.  Check out the detail on that skirt!  I don’t know if that mannequin appreciates the solid construction she’s wearing, but I certainly do!
Envelopes, talismans & socks by Novy Celebrated spray paint artist, Jeremy Novy has envelopes, talismans, socks and shirts (not pictured here) for sale.
Zodiac paintings by PhoenixSuperstar artist Phoenix has miniature paintings for sale.  These three celebrate the Zodiac signs of Pisces, Libra and Gemini!  You have to see these exquisite pieces in person to truly appreciate them!

The gorgeous artwork of Simone Coulars The splendid colors of Simone Coulars’ paintings radiate above a rack of original upcycled fashions.  Simone has four large paintings in our store right now as well as three tiny paintings.  Her glossy finishes and effusive color choices are wonders to behold!  Again, you need to see them in person!  Art like this was not meant to be viewed online!
Vintage orange rococo upholstered chairA vintage orange rococo upholstered chair lights up the corner!  That’s right, the chair and the fabric are vintage, but the upholstering is brand new!  This is a beautiful one of a kind piece of work!

Project TransAction & by NievesThe top shelf shows off smart looking cuffs and wallets by Project TransAction (we also have belts!), while the lower shelf displays the wondrous skin care by Nieves.  I use the Nieves skincare line and have enjoyed the results!  There’s natural anti-bacterial Protection Spray, bath salts and more!

So now you know about a few of the well-crafted goodies awaiting you inside of our store!  Remember, Swankety Swank supports local artists who create original work.  When you shop here, you support your community and local economy!  We look forward to your visits!

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