What’s News at Swankety Swank?

I recently stopped by Swankety Swank to check out Yabette’s new work for TONIGHT’S  Lyres & Lace: Music and Fashion Show, tag-lined “Music and fashion of the romantic and bizarre” at the Swedish American Hall.  As usual, the store was looking dreamy, but the vibe was electric with creative energy.  Yabette was paiting and finishing up her work for the show.   She’ll  be showing her hand-made and hand-painted designs and Swank-styling all the models for the fashion show.   Some of your favorite Swankety Friends of all sizes will also be modeling in the show.  It’s great to see Yabette’s rich painting style and aesthetic used in another way.   The new pieces are beautiful; I can’t wait to see them on the Monsuiers et Madamoiselles tonight.   Are you free?  You should join us at the show.  The other designers showing are: stargarten x Daughter Earth (Isabelle Le and Katy Tanis), Claire Wheat-Fong, Leticia Huerta, The Street Collective, Black Lotus, and Lecon de Vetement. There will also be all-acoustic musical performances by Mariee Sioux, Foxtails Brigade and Judgement Day with surprise guests.  The event is hosted by Mary Van Note.

While Yabette was painting, Eartha Goodwin was busy finishing up Swank Speak! 4, which is looking really good.  Make sure you pick up your issue of Swank Speak! 3 while you still can.  Swank Speak! 4 will be released on June 18th at the Team Valor Reception.

I noticed quite a few new pieces, so I snapped some pix of  a few.  There are so many beautiful new things…some really special pieces sure to make anyone much happier (and for much longer) than another a la mode item from Forever 21.  Yabette recently finished a lovely Blue and Gold French Bergere chair, perfect for relaxing with a friend over a cup of tea.  Tres Bien.

Stop by and see us some time.

Photographs and writing by Aurelie Sandrine

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