Yabette and the Swankettes at Lyres & Lace

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of accompanying Yabette and her Swankettes (aka:  models) Katherine, Eartha, Dex, and Andrew to the Lyres and Lace: Music and Fashion Show at the Swedish American Hall.  For this show, Yabette combined her sustainable and up-cycled fashion pieces with hand-painted canvas corsets and patches, creating wearable art.  When the crew arrived, we were immediately sent to a photo session set-up by the organizers.  It was a bit chaotic, as all the participating designers’ models came in and out to have their photos taken before going on the catwalk.  It was here that I got a really good look at Yabette’s work.  Her goals for “Honoring Beauty, Earth, and Age” were well represented.  Yabette’s artwork translates well to fashion because the expression of movement only enhances the beauty of her designs.  She was unique in having the only male model and the only plus-sized model in the show.   The setting of the Swedish American Hall was the perfect backdrop for this music and fashion show and we were really inspired by the environment, the musicians, and the other designers.   Overall, the night was a smashing success.

See something you love?  Can’t live without?  All pieces are available for purchase at Swankety Swank.

Photographs and writing by Aurelie Sandrine

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