Stars Collide at Swankety Swank

For Immediate Release

When: Saturday July 17th
Where:  Swankety Swank

On Saturday July 17th, 3 constellations of the San Francisco solar system will converge for a night of music, community, creativity, insight, and love.  San Francisco duo Heart of Orion will perform songs from their new CD, a beautiful collaboration between songstress Danielle Kerley and composer Ty Oz , at Swankety Swank.  The House of Swankety Swank’s tarot master STORM will be offering 3 card readings of his magical X-Men Tarot, for a special price during the event.

About Heart of Orion: Ty Oz is a classically trained composer and a degreed student of both world music and psychology. While Ty has devoted his life to composing and playing music, Danielle began her journey into music in 2006, when she found herself unable to ignore the song that was composing itself inside her mind in a church in Edinburgh.  A life-long cross-genre artist, she found a new and fulfilling expression in song writing, and has continued to write and sing in collaboration with Ty, creating melodic electronic music with political and social ideals inspiring their work.  There is another deep emotion at the heart of their music, and that is love.  What started as a professional collaboration developed into something more personal and tender, a lifelong partnership.  Music, love, creativity, the healing power of art and the importance of being part of a creative community unite this musical duo.  For the release of their first CD, they wanted a location that also embraces their ideals and values, and they found that in Swankety Swank.

Swankety Swank is an artist retail co-op that  represents over 20 local artists producing hand made items for your mind, body, spirit and home. Featuring art furniture, art shows, accessories and clothing from babies to Papas and Women sizes 2-24, Swankety Swank also believes in the healing power of art, and embraces the ideals of an inclusive community that celebrates beauty in all forms, shapes, and sizes.  Please join us on Saturday July 17th from 6-9pm for a magical night of celebration and enlightenment.  For a musical preview, check out their Myspace page.

STORM wears top hat by DAS with gibbous jacket, while Danielle looks lovely in pink dress by Zunique with skirt by Yabette; Ty dons a dapper waistcoat & ascot by DAS.
Photos and press release by Aurelie Sandrine, styling by Yabette Alfaro.

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