We’re lucky that the artists we carry at Swankety Swank are an industrious bunch.  We get beautiful, new items daily.  Below is a round-up of some of the new artist creations available at Swankety Swank.  For more information about Zunique and DAS, please visit our Artists page for lovely profiles written by Yabette.   For more information on Krafty Kitten, see our post on our last trunk show, for an introduction to her and her work.

Sexi Seaweed is a new artist to Swankety Swank that makes wearable treasures inspired by the wild.  These fashion forward pieces are also at a great price point, with most pieces under $100.   I had to have the Druzy Quartz Medicine ring, picture below.  I especially love the hand-written explanation of the meaning of the stones and how they work together to help the wearer.  My ring is designed with a formation of tiny crystals at the center called Druzy, which helps find oneself  in a new community, coral, colonies of tiny organisms that live, love, and die together, Andalusite, the seeing stone, and Labradorite, which shimmers to see through the darkness in times of transition.  All crafted together to help me find my place, which is more fitting than you know.  In fact, I picked my ring because it was the most beautiful to me, and it fit me perfectly.  When I got home, I read about the meaning of the ring and was pleasantly surprised that it fit my situation perfectly too. There’s a good chance that Sexi Seaweed has something to help you in your life (and fashion) too.

Kathryn of Kathryn’s Krafts is a Swankety Swank co-op artist and long-time supporter of Swankety Swank.  You can sometime find her hand-looming her yarn in the store, or teaching others how to make their own beautiful knit pieces.  You can find a beautiful selection of Katheryn’s knitwear in the store.  From the heavier neck warmer and matching cuffs that are perfect for a man or woman, to the dainty, loose knit scarf in beautiful pastels, Kathryn is always whipping up something unique and special.  Her pieces are made with her own hand-loomed yarn, which she also sells in the store for your personal projects.

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