A Swankety Swank Faerie Tale

Ladies and gentlemen, creatures of all shapes and sizes, persuasions and intentions, allow me to introduce to you A Swankety Swank Fairy Tale!

Narrator STORM tells the tale

Once upon a time in a deep dark forest, there lived a princess who created original handmade faerie fashions. She and her friends loved to dress up in the clothes they made, dancing and storytelling until the early morning.

"Princess" Tiff Rojas: Wayward Shiftys designer

Sarah Hickman, "fashion faerie" in Wayward Shiftys
David Hvidsten, "fashion faerie" in Wayward Shiftys

Word spread far and wide about the sewing circle of fierce fashion faeries. News traveled so far that it reached the ears of a land baron in a big city. The Baron took the work of others and sold them as his own. He and his band of ruffians overran the commune and stole the faerie’s fashions, then claimed that the forest now belonged to him, and that they owed him rent!

"The Baron" Oliver Lowe designer of OWL topper with DAS attire
"The Baron" Oliver Lowe in DAS and OWL with the "Villianess" Kristin Smaby in gibbous
"Ruffian", Dicky Brucks in Wayward Shiftys
"The Villainess" Kristin Smaby in gibbous

One of the faeries ran to a nearby castle and told their Queen about the Baron and his gang. The Queen was furious! The forest was for all to use! How dare this man charge rent for public space! With her Royal Court, she summoned the Muse, Spirit of Inspiration, Talents and Grace.

"The Queen", Deborah Sciales, DAS designer in OWL topper
Paz De La Calzada, of "The Queen's Royal Court" in DAS and OWL
Marina Berlin of "The Queen's Royal Court" in DAS and OWL
"The Queen's Royal Court" Elisa Berlin and Emit Idy in Wysterium Wear
"The Queen's Court" Raven La Feye in Wysterium Wear and narrator STORM in DAS and OWL

The Muse arrived with helpful sprites. Together, they cast a spell of love to transform the hard heart of the Baron and his cronies. They encouraged them to pursue their own artful paths. With their new selves realized, and with new skill sets to explore, they asked the Queen’s forgiveness and she gave it to them. They looked upon one another with new eyes.

"The Muse" Darina Drapkin in her designs
"Sprites" Stephanie Mufson and Kiriko Brindley in Darina Drapkin attire and Stephanie Mufson jewelry
"Sprite" Laura Parsons in Yabette and Wayward Shiftys
"Sprite" Lindsey Whited in Yabette and Wayward Shiftys

With the blessing of the Muse and her attendants, the faerie princess created a cooperative in the forest where everyone created their heart’s desires and received payment for the work they love to do.

This amazing event took place on Thursday August 19, 2010 at the Supper Club SF and was made possible by the following:
Organized by Art Attack!
Produced by Yabette
Script written and performed by STORM
Photos by Christine Donley
Projected Fashion Video created by Eartha Goodwin.
Designs by:
Yabette Alfaro
Darina Drapkin
Wayward Shiftys
Wysterium Wear

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