Swankety Swank Showcase: Weeping Willow Dresser

Green Weeping Willow Dresser

This gorgeous all wood dresser is painted a pale green and adorned with a black silhouette of a weeping willow.   On the top, two curved front drawers balance a cabinet door with an interior shelf.  The top drawer of the bottom three drawer has a wooden divider for extra organization.

Green Weeping Willow Dresser top

The dimensions of the piece are 38″ width x 46.5″ height x 19″ deep.

This piece was cleaned, sanded, refinished, hand painted and clear coated with earth friendly, low VOC paints.

Green Weeping Willow Dresser front

Willow is a very helpful plant, being environmentally used “for biofiltration, constructed wetlands, ecological wastewater treatment…slope stabilisation, soil erosion control…soil building, soil reclamation” and many more! That’s a lot of uses for one plant!

Green Weeping Willow Dresser side

In spiritual belief systems, willow “is one of the ‘Four Species’ used in a ceremony on the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.  In Buddhism, a willow branch is one of the chief attributes of Kwan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion…In the Wiccan Rede, it is described as…guiding the dead to the afterlife.  Christian churches in northwestern Europe often used willow branches in place of palms in the ceremonies on Palm Sunday.

Green Weeping Willow Dresser perspective

Willow is also used widely in art, “as charcoal (for drawing) and in living sculptures.  Living sculptures are created from live willow rods planted in the ground and woven into shapes such as domes and tunnels.  Willow stems are used to weave baskets and 3 dimensional sculptures such as animals and figures.  Willow stems are also used to create garden features such as decorative panel and obelisks.”

Green Weeping Willow Dresser detail

This delightful dresser has as many uses as its namesake. Come into Swankety Swank today and see for yourself!

Update:  This piece has sold. Contact Yabette at Swankety Swank if you are looking for something similar!

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