Frollicle: Art, Fashion, Music, and Performance of Hair Raising Proportions

Join us for this House of Swankety Swank Extravaganza!
Saturday, September 25th, 2010 7pm $10 Admission

We’ll be exploring hair in all of its gorgeous life and creepy death.
Our guest artist, Nichola Kinch, who hails from Philadelphia will be showcasing her bizarre and fastidious art with hair. She collects her hair patties from the shower drain, which she finds endlessly fascinating, delicate and “like lace that my body manufactures in collaboration with gravity and the drain.” She also states that “It should be noted these sizable deposits tend to evoke repulsion in most everyone else who encounters them.” In true Swankety Swank style she turns what most would consider refuse into actual treasure with 14k gold leaf wall hanging and sculpture. See detail below.

We’ll also see gorgeous and curious works by:
Paz de la Calzada
Jeremy Novy
Stephanie Mufson
Gabrielle Rose
Kiriko Brindley

Of course, with a House of Swankety Swank Event, it does NOT end with the art on display. We’ll be working with the amazing hair artists at madusalon for hair fantasy spectacles on our live models dressed by our talented designers:
miranda caroligne
Darina Drapkin
Wayward Shifties

We are NOT stopping there either!
We’ll also have several gorgeous ladies performing their sultry saucy music!
Neo Folk Accordion Cabaret performer: Amber Lee (photo below)

Adorable Indie Folk Singer: Rachel Toups

This evening also includes the release of the latest Issue V of Swankety Swank love and retail revolution, SwankSpeak! The Voice From the House of Swankety Swank. Exploding with alternative exposure in art, Fashion, Literature and Happenings, this magazine is not called a “current cultural gem” for nothing.
Don’t miss this event and be sure to come in your best Stunning Strands Expressive Self!

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