A Swankety Lady Sizzles Steam Style for Burning Man Decompression!

Several months ago, Dr. Wendy Clupper, PhD, a stylish, sexy lady, and pioneer in Burning Man scholarship, came into the store intrigued by seeing the window display while driving down Divisadero Street. In need of some beautiful pieces to wear for a MC performance, she came into Swankety Swank and found exactly what she was looking for after talking to Yabette. Yabette helped style her with Wayward Shiftys “Death of 1000 Unicorns” dress and gold bolero, giving her a high level of style and beauty befitting a leader in the Bay Area performance art community.

When Wendy found herself in need of new performance wear for her Stage Management role at the Burning Man Decompression event on 10/10/10 in San Francisco, she came back to Yabette at Swankety Swank. Wendy brought in a bag of clothing with a varied lineage. From an Old Navy skirt, to a vintage slip, Yabette went through the clothing and designed four custom pieces. Wendy came to Yabette for her style, talent and her ability and willingness to understand her wants, needs, and budget.

Yabette’s four custom pieces were a black lace bolero, an embellished slip blouse, a bustle skirt, and a pair of fingerless lace gloves. I stopped by on Friday night to see Yabette transform these typical pieces of clothing, scraps of vintage fabric, antique lace and other materials into something magical.


Yabette at work in her studio.



Vintage fabric for the skirt bustle






Bolero and Slip blouse in progress


Yabette told me so many fabulous things about Wendy that I decided to come in  and meet her when she picked up her pieces from Swankety Swank.   She came through the door a fiery ball of energy, her presence known and felt  immediately.  She truly embodies what I consider the Swankety Swank female archetype: strong, creative, intelligent, confident, passionate, and dynamic.   Having recently moved here from Baltimore, she is taking the Bay Area by storm.  Operations Manager for The Marsh, curating ambitious exhibitions like Value=Voice: Three Women Responding to Recession,  and working with Berkeley’s Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies are just a few of the organizations and projects she’s been active with since arriving in the Bay Area this year.  I’ve been reading this piece (google books preview, so pages are missing) she wrote about Critical Tits at Burning Man.   This lady has got it going on, so keep your eyes open for what she does next because I’m sure it will be provocative, timely, and relevant.

We snapped some shots during her final fitting.  Of course she was a blast to photograph.



Hello Gorgeous! Wendy in her custom made ensemble by Yabette




Wendy kicks up her heels, showing the beautiful detail of vintage pink fabric




Yabette transformed this black lace blouse from Express into an elegant bolero embellished with silk flower and taffeta sleeves created from an old skirt




Confident, Sexy, Creator


We hope you like this custom creation as much as Wendy did!   I can’t wait to see what this creative collaboration will yield in the future.

For information or a quote on working with Yabette to create your own custom fashion pieces, please email swankety@gmail.com.

Photos by: Christine Donley

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