Happiness by Yabette



Teak Dining Table purchased at Swankety Swank


Finally, I have a beautiful dining table.  For the past 2 years, we haven’t  had a table other than a work table in our home.  I recently started to miss having a dedicated place to eat meals with my family, to sit and have coffee, or have a play surface for my son’s budding artistic activities,  so I started looking for the perfect table for our downtown apartment.   I went into Swankety Swank last week to do some work with Yabette, and there it was, my new table.  A mid-century modern, carmel-stained, teak table with 2 leaves.  As usual, Yabette has found and restored a sound, beautiful piece of furniture that needed to go into someone’s home. Beyond aesthetics, it’s highly functional.  It has transformed a corner of the room that felt like a missed opportunity into a cozy nook that my family is already enjoying.  I found a lovely lace table cloth that protects the wood, but allows the warm glow of it to shine through.

With one leaf up, it is the perfect size for dinner with my family.  We are already enjoying our meals together and family bonding.  I feel that I finally have a piece of furniture to build memories with my husband and my son.  Nothing from Ikea gives me the same feelings of home, or a sense of being part of my personal history like a piece of beautifully made, authentic furniture.

Putting up the second leaf makes the table large enough for 6 people comfortably, more if we squeeze in.  It has me thinking about a pot-luck with friends very soon.   Yes, a pot-luck to celebrate my new table!



Omar enjoys his new table from Auntie Yabette


One day my son will have this table, and he’ll remember his childhood and the time we spent together.


I’m so happy!  Thank you Yabette!



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