Swankety Swank Showcase: Twilight Tree Dresser

Swankety Swank Showcase: Twilight Tree Dresser (detail)

The Twilight Tree Dresser

Swankety Swank Showcase presents the Twilight Tree Dresser!  This aged, sturdy wood dresser has been newly transformed with a hand painted tree in crackle cream with shimmery gold leaves. The top has been refinished in black on its rustic surface. It features dove-tailed drawers, original handles, protective clear coat on its aged mottled surface. This signed art piece would be a lovely addition to a eclectic modern, artfully traditional or bohemian decor.
Dimensions: 36″H x 39″W x 17″D

Swankety Swank Showcase: Twilight Tree Dresser (drawer)

Twilight Tree Dresser Drawer Detail

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the tree of life, the Ygdrassil tree in Norse mythology are all examples of powerful symbolic tree associations.  Trees embody the majesty of life and growth as they simultaneously reach deep into the earth and up toward the heavens.  There is a deep sense of grounding and expansion from the energy of trees.  The phenomenon of twilight can refer to two times of day (both when the sun is below the horizon), either between daybreak to sunrise, or most commonly sunset to nightfall.  The light of the sun is diffused and casts a mysterious pall upon the world.  It is a magical time of in between states.  This dresser combines the solid power of trees with the gentle enchantment of twilight.

Swankety Swank Showcase: Twilight Tree Dresser (side)

Perspective View of the Twilight Tree Dresser

Incorporating original drawer key holes into the tree’s trunk, while stretching branches “grow” in between curved handles, this tree brings pride and splendor to any room!

Visit Swankety Swank today and view this beautiful dresser in person!  Many more handpainted furniture art pieces by Yabette are also available!

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