Swankety Swank Showcase: Snake Cabinet

Swankety Swank Showcase: Snake Cabinet

The Snake Cabinet

Swankety Swank Showcase presents the Snake Cabinet! This wood side table, nightstand or media cabinet has been recently refinished on the top with a slightly distressed, warm red color wash which allows the original wood grain to show. It features a hand painted snake with flowers in hues of gray, black and red over graphic color wash red stripes. The inside has 3 shelves with color washed wood knobs. This signed art piece would be a fantastic addition to an artfully traditional, colorful modern or bohemian decor.
Dimensions: 26″H x 41″W x 26″D 

Swankety Swank Showcase: Snake Cabinet  (front)

Detail of Snake Cabinet

Snakes are featured in many creation myths throughout the world.  “Many peoples in Africa and Australia had myths about a Rainbow Snake, which was either Mother Earth herself giving birth to all animals or a water-god whose writhings created rivers, creeks and oceans.  In ancient Indian myth, the drought-serpent Ahi or Vritra swallowed the primordial ocean and did not release all created beings until Indra split the serpent’s stomach with a thunderbolt.”

“In Chinese mythology, the woman-headed snake Nüwa made the first humans. She made humans one at the time with clay, but it took too much time and strength. To conserve her energy, she dipped a rope in clay and flicked it so blobs of clay landed everywhere; each blob of clay became an individual human.”

“Greek cosmological myths tell of how Ophion the snake incubated the primordial egg from which all created things were born.”

“In Egyptian myth, the state of existence before creation was symbolised as Amduat, a many-coiled serpent from which Ra the Sun and all of creation arose, returning each night and being reborn every morning.”

Swankety Swank Showcase: Snake Cabinet (inside)

Inside Detail of Snake Cabinet

The Snake Cabinet has three deep shelves of storage space and can support immense weight with its sturdy construction.  Let it help you manifest the creative energies of your world.

Visit Swankety Swank today and view this cabinet in person!  Many more handpainted furniture art pieces by Yabette are also available!

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