All About Alex

This is my hunky husband, Alex Alfaro.

He is an exceptional part of the foundation here at Swankety Swank. He’s the man who preps all the furniture for my makeover designs. He cleans each piece, making sure it is structurally intact, sands it, (he insists on doing this by hand to improve his arm muscles) and puts the base coats of paint on it. He is my coach, always putting a fire under me, saying, “OK, what’s next?”

He helps me transform pieces like this:


Ode to the Neverwas Buffet -Before Makeover!


Into This!


Ode to the Neverwas Haul Buffet- photo by Eartha Goodwin


He also works a full time job with Toolworks. This is a fantastic Non Profit organization that helps people with disabilities get fair wage work. Alex is hard of hearing and learned ASL after moving here to San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood at age 14 from El Salvador. He lost a large part of his hearing when a land mine went off too close to his 4 year old ears during the unfortunate El Salvadoran Civil War.

I always tell people to look at Alex and speak slower when they communicate, as he speaks English as a third language- after Spanish and ASL. He likes when people who know sign language have a conversation with him!


Alex "works" with our son on a camping trip!


We try to help other deaf people whenever we can and our goal is to develop a program to employ deaf folks in our sustainable work.

He is the guy who will deliver your dresser when you choose our delivery service. He keeps the light bulbs changed, the floors scrubbed and the windows clean! Our wheels at this place would be quite squeaky without his assistance, and his practical jokes keep us on our toes!

I love him.  -Yabette

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