Let’s Give Ourselves A Multi-Million Dollar Economic Stimulus!


November 15, 2010


This holiday season, give the Bay Area the gift of a multimillion dollar economic stimulus by shopping local!

As we approach this holiday season, it is projected that shoppers will continue to spend less than in years past. But there IS a silver lining for the San Francisco Bay Area. When consumers shop local, more of their money will stay right here in the Bay Area, where we desperately need it. With a little planned spending, this year’s holiday dollars can lead to a more plentiful 2011.


Sexi Seaweed earrings made by local artist at Swankety Swank: $83. Product Photography by Eartha L. Goodwin.


Consider these numbers: When a consumer spends money at locally owned establishments, $25 more per $100 stays in the community than when spent at a non-local establishment. With that number, if each San Franciscan spends $200 on Holiday gifts and meals locally, $4,075,000 more will be circulating in our local economy come January 1st. If we spread that out to include the entire Bay Area, that number increases to $185,693,925 dollars!

One thing is certain, the Bay Area benefits financially by shopping locally because the greatest percentage of revenue stays in the community when they do. There is a powerful economic impact to infusing our local economy with that kind of cash flow because that money stays here, and will it be spent here, unlike money that leaves our cities when we spend at non-local businesses and major chains. Even further, if Bay Area residents shop local for their New Year festivities, that amount goes even higher.


Hand painted tree by Yabette: Corner Cabinet Commission


When local artist Yabette Alfaro opened Swankety Swank in 2007 in San Francisco, she wanted to create a place to bring hand-made, earth friendly goods made by talented, local artisans to her community. When deep economic troubles started in 2008, Yabette saw just how important her establishment is to the livelihood of the 20+ local artists she carries. By this time, Swankety Swank had moved to a beautiful ,airy space on Divisadero Street and transitioned to a collective of local working designers and artists. These changes, while positive, increased the pressure to succeed in a difficult financial environment. In researching ways to grow her business and better support her community, artists, and customers, she discovered resources that highlight the impressive financial gains to communities that embrace shopping local.  Since many people in the Bay Area are already committed to shopping local for some of their consumer needs, she felt it imperative to communicate this additional benefit in hopes of leveraging Holiday Shopping revenue into an unexpected financial boost for local communities.


By Nieves, local SF Weekly Award Winning Hand Made Organic Body Care available at Swankety Swank. Product Photography by Eartha L. Goodwin.


The Bay Area is the perfect place to exercise this civic action because so many people are already committed to shopping local. A consumer can maximize the economic impact of their purchases by shopping local establishments that are truly locally owned, and stocked with products that are made locally. Swankety Swank is one of the Bay Area’s premiere spots to shop an extensive selection of Bay Area artists and designers in one, convenient place. This action also creates more city tax revenue, supports local businesses that supply local crafts people, and has the potential to generate jobs as local small businesses grow.


Model Dex wears red satin dress with lace trim by Yabette, corset by Darin Drapkin, and bolero by DAS. Photo by Christine Donley


This holiday season, give the Bay Area the gift of a multimillion dollar economic stimulus by shopping local!

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