Swankety Swank Showcase: Lock & Key Nightstands

black steampunk nightstand lock detail

These matching sturdy wood tables are part of furniture artist and Swankety Swank owner Yabette’s ongoing Steampunk Collection. They feature a hand-painted Victorian-inspired lock and key in detailed hues of brown on its newly refinished black surface. Both rustic and attractive, masculine or feminine, they have practical drawers and shelves with their original pulls. This signed art set would be a lovely addition to an eclectic modern, artfully traditional or bohemian decor.  Dimensions: 20″H x 15″W x 24″D

The above artwork references a very specific type of lock known as a “story padlock.”  These locks contain imagery relating to a theme or narrative, giving them a unique quality among other locks.  The antique Victorian padlock featured by Yabette is based on a 3-dimensional Werewolf lock manufactured in Trenton, New Jersey, circa 1880.

black steampunk nightstand key detail

The matching nightstand features an ornate key to go with the padlock.

Keys symbolize, in both metaphorical and literal terms, the power of opening and closing.  They represent knowledge, mystery, initiation, and curiosity.  Both Saint Peter and the Roman god Janus are depicted with keys.  Saint Peter holds the key to heaven and Janus sometimes holds two keys, which release the seasonal times of winter and summer solstice.

black steampunk nightstands set

Visit Swankety Swank today and view these nightstands in person!  Many more handpainted furniture art pieces by Yabette are also available!

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