So Luscious in LA This Weekend

As the last details of the Divine Feminine Cape fiber arts work for The Luscious Bum Project are completed, I reflect on love of self, compassion for others, and conceptual art. I have been overjoyed to have a chance to explore the double entendre that is The Luscious Bum.  On one side is the oil painting, an over-sized ode to the supple joy of the physical manifestation.

Luscious Bum by Yabette
Luscious Bum by Yabette Alfaro

Then, I express the compassionate idea of all beings as luscious with the Man of Many Woes en-robed in a Cape of the Divine Feminine constructed of lacy lingerie.

"Man of Many Woes" by Yabette
“Man of Many Woes” by Yabette

While these are labors of expression, I see this divine feminine energy as an actual reality and am using the third aspect of this project to show the tangible results. This can be found on the Facebook page of stories and ideas that are happening around the globe in evidence to this amazing change on our planet.

This project will continue to evolve and expand as I am already in talks with a few other venues for more works in this realm. The first view will be this April 20th in LA at the Hello World Art Exhibition. I am honored and thrilled to be among the fantastic creative talents at this show. xxoo Yabette

Hello World Art Exhibition
Hello World Art Exhibition

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