Ode to Shark

Three arty things happened today… I finished my shark painting and photographed it. You can buy the original here.

"Shark" 30x40" oil by Yabette Alfaro
“Shark” 30×40″ oil by Yabette Alfaro

Then I wrote a poem:

“Ode to Shark”

Fierce creature of deep water home

Show me your strength and grace

While you roam as bottom-feed-water-filter

Reminding me of sovereignty

In SPITE of shark-fin-hunter-zone.

Sleek creature with wide open mouth

Show me your fins and teeth

I see your shout, that voice of dissent

Against corptocracy, profit over humanity,

In the same hunter’s boat… you and me.

Exploited creature of beauty and speed,

Continue to bite, fight, shine your light,

Where men have failed to heed the balance in all of Gaia’s life

In the face of cruel, sad greed.

THEN, I spontaneously read it on a video. My expression through the shark seems to just keep going….  xxoo Yabette

PS: Stop killing sharks!

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