Carina Earl: Fine Artist of Consciousness

An easy choice for adding the third to the triangle of Stephanie Mufson and myself for next week’s Pop-Up gallery show, Infinite Union, was remarkable San Franciscan, Carina Alia Earl.

candid Carina and Stephanie
candid Carina and Stephanie
"Satellite" 6x3' Oil
“Satellite” 6×3′ Oil
Her work epitomizes the ideas of greater consciousness and addresses the visceral concepts of far distant biologic and human evolution.
She says of the work in this show:
“Physicists believe that four forces exist which connect everything in the universe. So far, finding a mathematical equation that can resolve this concept has been elusive. Consciousness, although an apparent force in our everyday lives, is unable to be measured. What if it were a fundamental structural component of the universe? What if consciousness was such a strong force that no matter what conditions were present, life would find a way to emerge and evolve. If life has evolved on Earth for 4 billion years, what could it look like in another 4 billion years?”
"Teenie Greenies 3" Oil 36"x36"
“Teenie Greenies 3″ Oil 36″x36”
"Birth of Consciousness" Oil 72"x48"
“Birth of Consciousness” Oil 72″x48″

I love her work, and you will too. Come and see it next week in San Francisco at 66 6th St. December 13-17th with artist reception on Saturday, December 14th.

xxoo Yabette

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