Oil Paintings of Yabette: Healing through Art

Although I have painted professionally on furniture for ten years, my heart had a strong desire to work with canvas and oils. I closed my retail shop to allow for a proper focus of time and space and dedicated myself to this exploration with fervor. I painted with the spiritual intentions of infusing the images with healing qualities for all who view the work. Any Feng Shui enthusiast will tell you that adding the energy of serenity or joy through art to an atmosphere is holistically beneficial.

For next week’s Infinite Union Show, I am including the works that explore the connections with Earth and the great “All That Is”.

"Serenity" oil 40x36"
“Serenity” oil 40×36″

While concentrating on healing energies, I also focused on the idea that we are all connected, and the universe is more vast than we can imagine. I looked into the deepest seas for creatures of which our scientists are continuously studying.

"Angler" Oil Painting 20x16"
“Angler” Oil Painting 20×16″

My heart “sees” that it’s entirely possible that these creatures exist outside of Earth and are connected to us and to Earth and to all that is.

"Sea Turtle" oil 16x20"
“Sea Turtle” oil 16×20″

I paint with the intentions of healing, but also with the idea of showing them outside their typical environment as an abstract exaltation of their beauty and glory of existence.

detail from "Shark" oil   30x40"
detail from “Shark” oil 30×40″
"Nautilus" oil 8x10"
“Nautilus” oil 8×10″

In looking back at the last two years of this endeavor, I have come to see that it has been a truly healing experience for me as well. –xxoo Yabette

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