Healing Waters Art Show Closes Soon

Working on this collection and showing it on the sunny Castro walls of Sweet Inspiration has been a highly satisfactory experience. Most people do not close their successful retail shop to hole up in a studio to paint oils on canvas.

I did. I feel good about following my heart. This bold move has led me to many others, like unschooling my son, talking about ufo’s, and exploring Shamanic journeys. The truth is, life is too short to live for what everyone else thinks you should be doing. Having stepped out of my own box, I am living a kind of freedom I might have never known had I not taken steps continually towards it. The universe continues to support me in this endeavor, as I continue those steps in the freedom discovery tour that is currently my life!

If you have not made it to the Healing Waters Art Show yet, you can this week. It will leave the premises after Sunday, May 18th. Available work can be purchased directly here and you can get prints here. Thank you for your support. XXOO Yabette

My son Ian poses with me at the Healing Waters Artist Reception.
Ian poses with me and 2 of the 16 oil paintings (Sharkmouth & Purple Crab) at the Healing Waters Artist Reception.



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