Observations From Swankety Sanctuary

Isn't that the cutest Throw pillow from "Deysbreeker, Amsterdam" by Yabette Alfaro?
Isn’t that the cutest throw pillow from “Deysbreeker, Amsterdam” illustration by Yabette Alfaro?

It’s been a wondrous year. As I look at what has been accomplished, I am feeling fulfilled, smarter, and more in love with myself, my fellow artists, this succulent city by the bay, and the ever expanding universe.

There were 4 solo shows, (half of which were nicely successful) many successful commissions, (one of which was not, and a few more not yet completed) as well as an epic trip that turned into an illustration art book project.

There were about 40 oil paintings completed, 14 water color/ink illustrations, several murals, and countless sketches. The creation did not end there, as lots of sewing and sewing instruction happened as well.

Having sold about 2/3 of that art without any gallery help feels great. I pushed forward past defeats, past grant rejections, and continued to feed and clothe and house my son, piecing it all together and being solid in my own worth and that of my work. While I mostly retired the art furniture aspect of my creative self, I opened up new rivers of income with prints and products- like the throw pillow shown above.

Amazing new projects, including West Coast Event production, documentary music creation, and fashion production are in my vortex for this next year. I am in love with my current well being and excited about the unfolding future. I feel very thankful and stand in deep appreciation for friends, family, and community who are so supportive in many ways.

May your new year bring satisfaction and may you and yours thrive!

xxoo Yabette

One thought on “Observations From Swankety Sanctuary

  1. Hi Yabette, Alicia from Maricopa, AZ here…looks like your business is doing very well!! Congrats….need to ask you something ….I want you to paint more on my walls—same style—flowers—on an archway—both sides….I’m thinking it’s a weekend project …you interested? Let me know…thanks!!!


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