Get a piece of pie!! "Angel Falls" watercolor  by Yabette
Get a piece of pie! “Angel Falls” watercolor by Yabette


We are living in a new paradigm of awareness for creating what we want.

We want paid. We eat!! Exposure will not feed us. This change has to come from us.

That ugly phrase, you know the one, has been an accepted part of our consciousness too long. We will never speak of that ridiculous, sad, outmoded stereotype fairy tale to each other, in reference to ourselves, and most definitely NOT ever to our children. When it is mentioned, we will gently and happily state with a smile, “Actually, I am an eating artist”.

From now on, we claim our value as an #EatingArtist

Join me in my campaign to rise up together to raise awareness that ARTISTS EAT!

Post your beautiful creative self, post your art, post your kid making art, post your new book, post your performance video, post your created dinner and hashtag it #EatingArtist

Join me as we decorate the Internet on all of our social media with #EatingArtist love!

Here is my first:

EAWishing you all much love and success! xxoo Yabette

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