Last Night I Had a Fashion Dream

My conscious mind has been busy with garment production plans lately. So this dream was no surprise. In it, I was getting my outfit and makeup on for a fashion shoot. The outfit looked like this and was all about that purple hat.

Fahion Dream
“Fashion Dream” watercolor/Ink

While this doesn’t readily translate into something I should mass produce, it made for a fun painting.

I’ve been working for the last 2 weeks with Amsterdam designer, Kevin Power of DaliLama’sPajamas. That has inspired the voluminous top, no doubt.

That's Kevin checking his email in my parlor wearing "Dali Lama's Pajamas".
That’s Kevin checking his email in my parlor wearing DaliLama’sPajamas. Photo by Christine Donley Allababedi.

The very idea of wearing a hat is most likely inspired by the glorious talents of milliner, Marta Glazen, whose Facebook photos like this one are always delightful.

A luscious Marta Glazen Work In Progress- from her FB page.
Another sensuous Marta Glazen Work In Progress.

Part of the ritual of getting myself together in this dream was the painting of the red stripe on the garment over my crotch. This is quite interesting to me. I think it is related to my focus on divine feminine energy and the empowerment of women in this new paradigm, Age of Aquarius. Especially since the tight fitting fabric of the skirt was in watery tones of green like a mermaid’s tail. In my personal life, that focus was on the year I devoted to The Luscious Bum Project epitomized with this painting.

Luscious Bum by Yabette
“The Luscious Bum” oil 36×48″

If you have any additional thoughts on this dream analysis, feel free to comment below. If you are interested in a purchase from my collection, email here: or go to my shop.

xxoo Yabette

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