Happy Hemp Day

Smooth Sailing Ahead
Smooth Sailing Ahead

I’ve been talking about a new clothing line for over 6 months, but I am finally on the home stretch of my 20 pages of business plan. I can see the finish line for that and the beginnings of a new Swankety Swank venture! I am excited for the future as any version of this plan will be outstanding. (There are tiers of output depending on the funding.)

I’ve been dreaming and sketching. The first collection will be inspired by The White Place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is earthy and magical, with white light rock castles and topaz skies.

santa fe 2nd week 135

I can already feel the yards of luxurious hemp silk in my hands for creating!

I have been working on paintings with a focus on hemp as well. Here’s one in progress.

hemp stalk fiber

Here’s another amazing hemp fact…hemp fact

As I have said on this blog before, cheap fashion is not so cheap for some. This great article, called “6 Things You Didn’t Know About FAST Fashion” explains why we need to invest in alternative garment productions.

My plan is one of those alternatives. It’s a win for everyone and I was born to create winning solutions. Happy Hemp Day! xxoo Yabette

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