Destroyer and Creator: The Queen of Wands Finds Her Sun


My favorite tarot card is the queen of wands and I love this Cosmic Tribe depiction of her by artist Stevee Postman, on my life planning book cover that was collaged by Storm Arcana. I like to live my life as The Queen of Wands, who possesses enormous creative power and energy, with the ability to destroy what does not work, making room for the creation of what does. My numerology life lesson is the sun card and I know that depicting life in full optimism is my constant mission. Sometimes this comes easier than others, as controlling my circumstances is impossible.

Ever since I closed my bricks’n’morter store, I’ve been steadily living more in the New Paradigm. This “new paradigm” is integrated through choices that lead to more freedom, more joy, and more balance in my lifestyle. I am especially interested in balancing my masculine and feminine energy. I realized while running my shop, that I was operating mostly from a masculine energy place and that my feminine energy really needed to be amped up. In practical terms, that meant loving and nurturing myself more, finding time and space outside of work for me, and letting go of the need for constant control, extra aggression, and continual competition.

Six months after completing a summer-long business plan course, I closed my shop. I did not write a plan, as the thing I learned the most with that class was that I needed to shut it all down and re-think the entire process. (Serious queen of wands moment for me.) But I also needed to do more work on myself as well. I needed to make a time and space to ask myself the big questions and find my inner guidance answers. The universe conspired to help me with exactly that.

Fast forward to now, three years later, and I just finished my new plan in the early hours of the Full Moon Eclipse this past weekend. I am so centered in my feminine masculine balance. I understand how rare it is to have the full creative mind mixed with a strong business sense. I have always felt underestimated by others and I had an epiphany this weekend as I released the plan and all the financials. I will never underestimate myself again. It is ME who has to appreciate myself and while I do the aggressive, competitive work that is driven by masculine energy, my feminine will be balanced in the love of my outstanding power, and the nurturing of my body and spirit.

So I celebrate the new seed of my plan that has been planted to rebrand my Swankety Swank passions, to create good work for more people, to create a business that follows the Golden Rule from source textiles, to production, to customer service: a business that has as much soul as it does style and quality. I celebrate the marvelous network of friends and community who have never underestimated me and always are there to help along the way.

What happens next is out of my control, but my process of getting here has been a powerful internal shift.

May we all continue to thrive in new paradigm awareness! xxooYabette

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