My Life Will Forevermore Be Different After Today

Sometimes I like to pull a tarot card in the middle of my day to see what the universe reflects back to me. This tells me where I am in a general sense.

Today was The Tower card. It’s often shown as a scary card with people falling out of the top amidst destruction, but that depiction is much too grim, in my opinion. I like this one by Valentina Plishchina. The integrated face is seeing the way through the rebuilding of the new, while the old crumbles. Clarity within that transition is helpful.

tower card

The tower stands for BIG CHANGE. I felt that this was a completely appropriate card as my first hemp fabric shipment arrived today. After laying out the hemp silk, hemp jersey, and yarn dyed hemp, I felt their strength in my fingertips, deeply inhaled their delicious earthy fiber smell, and thoroughly reveled in the having of  these fabrics. I knew a huge fundamental shift had occurred for me, though not because I didn’t already love hemp. (I was one of those girls making chunky macrame, beaded chokers with hemp twine back in the 90’s for all my friends at rave festivals.) This big change was from the manifestation of having attained a new level of myself. THERE IS NO GOING BACK FROM HERE.

I have orders to fill and samples to make for the November Launch of this new Hemp Collection. However, the first thing I did was make myself a new top. I have an old black cotton shirt that I really love, as it is short sleeved, and extra long- and wearing thin at this point. So I immediately made myself a new long top with the black jersey hemp/organic cotton fabric.

IT IS MAGNIFICENT! The luxury of wearing a fabric of this quality will forever be my new normal. It’s sturdy and cozy like the new tower I am moving into at this time in my life. My change is in the value I put on myself as a Global Citizen who is in alignment with what I want for this world.

It feels amazing to live the change I want to see, and I had so much fun trotting around my San Francisco neighborhood, smiling at everyone as my new self.  xxoo YabettehempYshirt

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